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Ramalhos initiated its international expansion in the late 80’s; this impelled the company to widen its range of equipment substantially, to adapt to the different needs of its clients and to comply with the most demanding market parameters.


Having managed to establish itself as a major brand in the main international markets, today Ramalhos has a global presence and is represented in over 40 countries through local agents.


Having reached a relevant, solid and consolidated international presence throughout the last decades, Ramalhos believed that it was time to take a step further in the scope of the group’s enterprising spirit, therefore establishing Ramalhos-Brazil in March 2012.


Having its Main Office in Americana- São Paulo, Ramalhos-Brazil surrounded itself with the essential material, organizational and financial structures, diligently working on the training of its human resources with special incidence in the training of qualified technicians for the assembly and maintenance of the equipment.


Ramalhos-Brazil thus shares the Group’s know-how, experience and vision so as to attain the sustained development in the Brazilian market.


Portuguese Sea

O salty sea, so much of whose salt
Is Portugal’s tears! All the mothers!
Who had to weep for us to cross you!
All the sons who prayed in vain!
All the brides-to-be who never
Married for you to be ours, O sea!


Was it worth doing? Everything’s worth doing
If the soul of the doer isn’t small.
Whoever would go beyond the Cape
Must go beyond sorrow.
God placed danger and the abyss in the sea,
But he also made it heaven’s mirror.


by Fernando Pessoa, in Mensagem (Message)







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Rua Geronymo Braga, 565, Salão 04 | Parque Industrial Machadinho
Cep: 13478-713
Americana, São Paulo

Tel.: (19) 3468-6227 / (19) 9.8289-3553




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